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American Sports Network

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American Sports Network, the sports division of Sinclair Broadcast Group, primarily covered college sports including live basketball and football games. In 2017, Sinclair announced that it would fold ASN into a new joint venture with Silver Chalice called Stadium.



My challenge was to visually style and update the look and feel of the ASN website. I also designed custom features for user needs that were not supported by the new website template. With an updated look and feel built on our platform, this new site allowed the producers to publish and manage content using Sinclair's Storyline CMS platform. I also pitched concepts for a new site and rebrand.

August 2015 - September 2016
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Who are our users and what do they want?

Our viewers want college sports coverage, typically from lesser known schools. They want to watch the games and read about teams not covered by the mainstream networks. They are current students, alumni, family members of athletes and hometown sports enthusiasts.  


ASN V2 Web


Brand Refresh Proposal


I updated the shield logo improving symmetry and proportions. I also created a simplified logotype that could function independently without the shield entirely. It could be used as a simple watermark for videos and on air programming along with the use of the star motif. I made small color adjustments, created standards and guidelines for color use and presented these concepts to executives
and stakeholders.

The Legacy Badge

The existing mark had a plethora issues with scaling and readability. It became illegible when reduced to a small scale across the gamut of various screen sizes. There were many imperfections and issues with symmetry. The shield was disproportionately larger than
the type.

ASN Gridded Logo.jpg
Your Team Typography.jpg

Art Direction

Created custom typography and lettering for marketing purposes.


ASN V3 Pitch Work


Based on user research, I presented new features to propose in a concept design pitch. The pitch focused on live games, live chat, scores and user accounts with the ability to save preferences.


My challenge was to create proof of concept mockups to demonstrate how new features could improve the current experience and be implemented.